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Our team has composed comprehensive, exclusive pre-filmed Courses* detailing and explaining everything from the fundamentals of NFTs, The Metaverse, to step-by-step illustrating how one can start their own NFT project.

Most importantly, they will provide the blueprint for launching a successful NFT project. The Courses will be made available to members via a private Discord channel.

The WOC app will also include a networking feature for Women in the Web3 space creating a safe space to network and mingle with your fellow Web3 ladies.

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As an expression of our gratitude to our supporters, we will provide a free mint to all those who are holders of Women of Crypto NFT with their very own free “Men of Crypto” NFT. The high quality, 3D rendered, male avatars will preserve the same concept and style behind the female avatars.

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Every WOC holder will be able to claim their own “WOC lootbox” which will contain a WOC token, as well as a “ free to claim” physical item from Hismile- an international teeth whitening company that we have partnered up with!

This is for WOC holders who are delisted only.

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As Web3 expands, we want to expand WOC beyond an NFT project. Women of Crypto has a mission statement of empowering women in the web 3 space and representing underrepresented individuals in the web 3 space.

We are building WOC as a media brand as well by posting WOC podcasts that will be dropped 1-2x a week on youtube, Spotify, and apple podcasts. The goal of this podcast is to bring more exposure to WOC. We will be talking web3 meta, upcoming projects, Women in the Web3 space, and valuable knowledge learned from the WOC journey! We have a list of amazing female empowerment speakers as well coming on to speak on the podcast!

Alongside the podcast , we will be posting youtube videos for NFT newbies to provide some foundational knowledge on the web3 space, aiming to bring in more relatable content to new women in the Web 3 space.


The beauty industry has been notoriously marketed towards women, making up most of its consumers. Although, at first glance, this may seem counterintuitive, we cannot be oblivious to the notion that women dominate the consumer market for beauty products. Because of this, we believe collaborating with major global beauty industries will be one of the best strategies to make the world of crypto and NFTs less abnormal or intimidating to women. This is not to limit women to beauty consumerism, but rather normalize the world of crypto, making the beauty products we will develop just as much about makeup, as crypto and NFTs.

Our course of action is to collaborate with a global and renown beauty brand that will best align with our mission and ethics, as well as yield the utmost quality and a substantial and universal range of products. Not only will this render visibility to the Women of Crypto project, but will render a substantial revenue that will be reinvested into the project. The revenue will go back to Women of Crypto HOLDRs, as well as the beauty products themselves!